Audi A3

2013-01-12 03:10:20

«Audi A3» - the car which is issued by company «Volkswagen» since 1996 represents. Thus till 2003 the manufacturer let out the first generation of the car, with 2003 on 2012 – the second, and per 2012 the company has presented to general public 3 generation of the popular car.

It is possible to carry to the basic dignity of the car: excellent parameters of maneuverability and controllability, the car shows high road performance, both in city, and behind city. In «Audi A3» the system of stabilization «ESP» which provides good factor of coupling with road is established. Also the car is maybe completed by a full drive «quattro», for distribution of capacity to all of 4 wheels of the car.

Manufacturers have made essential design variations in the ex-terrier of the car «Audi A3», in comparison with the previous generation of the car. Contours of a roof emphasize sports style of the car. The powerful and solid back part of a body creates sensation of reliability. Designers have changed also headlights of the car. Now they are capable to express all determination of the car. As an additional option, installation of new, multipurpose headlights is possible. Mirrors of a back type are established, as well as on other, sports cars.

The interior of the car also possesses new, innovative design. The salon of the car became more spacious. Now the driver can adjust a direction and intensity of heating and ventilation of salon. The Control panel is executed by climatic system in black tones. Seats of forward passengers are executed from materials of high quality. Installation of leather seats is possible also. The special attention is deserved with a new audio system «Bang and Olufsen». Back passengers feel freely, comfortably and cozy. Thus seats can be combined, for an increase of volume of a luggage space.

The car «Audi A3» is equipped with the engine with volume 1,4 liters with system «TFSI» and capacity of 122 horsepower’s, as well as the engine in volume of 1,8 liters with system «TFSI» and capacity of 180 horsepower’s. Thus expense of fuel in the mixed cycle makes 5,6-5,2 liters on 100 kilometers of a way.

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