Opel Vectra

2013-01-04 04:17:39

The car «Opel Vectra» concerns to cars of the average size and represents a five-seated sedan. «Opel Vectra» has come in the stead of car «Ascona» and has been presented to general public per 1988. In 1989 manufacturers have made a decision on the beginning of release of modifications with a full drive. Per 1990 developers have presented a sports hatchback. Since 1995 there is begun manufacture the second generation of cars «Opel Vectra», and in 2002 – the third generation of the car with the name «C». And in 2007 on a motor show in Frankfurt the fourth model «Opel Vectra» debuted.

It is possible to carry to the basic advantages of the car: excellent external design of the car which represents firm style of manufacturers; the advanced systems and technologies with which have supplied the car; system «DS Plus»; innovative engines with new system of supply of fuel which has received the name «Twinport», adaptive automatic transmission.

The external ex-terrier of the car represents unique design decisions. Designers were possible manage new cut surfaces, modern optical system, the modern wheel arches, the chrome plated frameworks of windows and handles of doors, a magnificent bar of a radiator with a firm trade mark.

Manufacturers managed to create an elegant interior and the equipment which on the characteristics, do not concede to more solid models of cars. At design of salon of the car « Opel Vectra », designers have reached the highest level of comfort. All necessary elements of management always are near to the driver. It is necessary to note, as forward, both back armchairs very convenient and spacious. Manufacturers have successfully arranged in salon all seats, a rudder and the lever of a box of switching of transfers, pedals and mirrors of a back type.

The separate attention is deserved with a security of passengers. In the car the full set of the necessary equipment, for maintenance of a passive and active security of passengers is established.

On the car «Opel Vectra» it is possible to establish the engine in volume of 1,8 liters capacity of 122 horsepower’s, or the engine in volume of 2,8 liters capacity of 250 horsepower’s. In a standard complete set on the engine 5 step, mechanical box of switching of transfers is established, also it is possible to establish an innovative, 5 step automatic box of switching of transfers with a possibility of manual switching.

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