Nissan Murano

2013-01-14 12:00:00

After the debut in the United States, which happened ten years ago, Nissan Murano appearance so much standed it out from colleagues that many buyers did not frightened away rather high price. In all its splendor, this "Nissan" was conceived as an affordable car.

Even in the basic version of Nissan Murano wealth of security features on-board computer with a large display, 2-zone climate control and a good radio. Finally, any Nissan Murano to the basic configuration, you can add proprietary multimedia system with a pair of monitors in the headrests and wireless headphones. Bi-xenon headlights, alarm and keyless start system also included.

The car is designed for four people: two full rear seats for adults. The car has one door on each side, but the length of each, compared with the traditional five-door and hardtop increased Murano by 20 cm.

Equipment that is part of the version LE, making Nissan Murano even more convenience and elegance of the outside: you get a heated steering wheel, power steering, and the tailgate, sunroof LE-R. Completion of a higher level includes a list of more than a dozen options, including many and useful: it's electric front seats with heating and powerful stereo "Bose" with 6-channel amplifier, subwoofer in a niche "chute", the server of 9 , 3 GB and navigation, although not the most comfortable to use.

Under the hood a 3.5-liter petrol V6. Its capacity is 265 hp and torque - 336 Nm. Engine slightly modified, compared to installed on Murano with a rigid roof. Growth performance was 5 hp and 4 Nm of power and torque respectively. Drive - the only full. Transmission - CVT Xtronic second generation.

On smooth pavement Nissan Murano 2013 - 2014 impresses above all excellent sound insulation. The motor is not impersonating until midrange, and further unwinding to the very top, it nevertheless does not bother listening. Wheel arches as well insulated. You can talk with passengers almost in a whisper, and 40, and at 140 km / h. By the SUV standards so thorough elaboration of high aerodynamic body should recognize more than commendable.

Among the so-called "constraint" on the first place is a considerable appetite motor. The city with the active driving him to get ready to feed 20-22 liter 95-per hundred kilometers. Slightly, to 17 liters can reduce consumption if the country to go on the road are strictly within the rules of the road. And finally, just stroking the gas pedal, keeping the tachometer climb above 1500 r / min, still manages to achieve a flow rate - 13.5 liters per hundred.

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