Toyota Camry

2012-12-26 03:42:14

The predecessor of the car «Toyota Camry» became model (sedan) with a back drive «Toyota Celica Camry» which have started to let out in 1980. And in 1982 release of the given model has been suspended. «Toyota Celica Camry» it has been created on the basis of model «Toyota Celica». Thus to the Japanese buyers the car have presented as «Toyota Vista». Last generation of the car is put by model «XV50» which have started to make in 2011, and make on present time.

The car «Toyota Camry» has a number of essential, technological and design advantages: manufacturers managed to create qualitative sound insulation in this sector of cars, a wide range of the possible equipment and an excellent set of the multimedia equipment. The car ideally approaches for trips on greater distances as differs good parameters of controllability and smoothness of movement on road. Drivers and passengers can feel reliability and a security, as well as low working costs. The security of the car is reached due to installation of 9 pillows of a security.

Designers were possible manage the unique, expressive and elegant ex-terrier of the car. Thus manufacturers have given a significant amount of time to study of an internal interior of the car. The car differs high parameters of comfort and cosines. Passengers will feel comfortably even on back seats. Thus internally space of salon also the volume of a luggage space significantly has extended, has increased.

The car is equipped: electric adjustment of seats of the driver and the forward passenger; the chamber of a back type, heating of forward and back seats, audio system «JBL» with the hard disk and a possibility of management of multimedia system, climatic system, innovative headlights «AFS».

The manufacturer establishes various modifications of engines: the engine in volume of 2,5 liters with expense of fuel of 7,8 liters on 100 kilometers of a way, the engine in volume of 3,5 liters with expense of fuel of 9,3 liters on 100 kilometers of a way. Engines are equipped with an automatic 6-step box of switching of transfers which does engines by more economic.

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