Chevrolet Cheyenne

2013-01-04 12:00:00

First appearance of the pickup Chevrolet Cheyenne dated 1971. It became more comfortable and included such additions as “egg-tray” radiator’ grid, more comfortable interior, better isolation of the passenger compartment, AM/FM – radio, double color design of the passenger compartment and front brakes at all light-weighted modifications of the pick-ups were changed from barrel-type to disk-type, that made them to increase the terms of the usage. But constructors decided to leave 6-point and 5.5'' fixation of the wheels because that was the standard for both two drive wheels as well as for four drive wheels. Emblem was renovated from 396 V8 to 400 V8. In the next four decades it was many times renovated. New models of the pick-up were produced. The vehicle became appropriate not only for the construction workers, but was convenient to the passengers too.

In 2003 concern presented the last version of the famous Chevrolet Cheyenne at the North American International Auto Show. It presents the pick-up of the new generation, with clear and strict design. It is a full-sized, four-wheel drive cargo-and-passenger vehicle. Chevrolet Cheyenne could be used as commercial vehicle (to carriage different types of cargo), as well as the personal car. It was developed with a glance of innovational and modern technologies, but it also kept traditions of the models of the older generation. Having a little rough elegance, Chevrolet Cheyenne has enough powerful engines and obtains improved technical characteristics. It equipped with V8-type gasoline engine, with engine displacement of 6000 cc and 500 hp. Also it has four-step automatic transmission and 22-inch wheels. Overall dimensions of the for-door car are very solid: length – 5 940 mm, width – 2 080 mm, height – 1 945 mm. That pick-up is the ideal choice for city roads as well as for the off-the-road driving.

Due to its universality and multifunctional features, that vehicle quickly won trust and love of millions car owners. High level of the safety and comfortable made Chevrolet Cheyenne claimed at the automobile market. It performed in the best tendency of the concern Chevrolet.

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