Ford Explorer

2012-11-11 12:46:00

Explorer SUV debuted in 1990 and now this car is one of the glaring symbols of United States. Ford Explorer soon became the leader in sales in its class in the North America. The car won the hearts of customers for the most spacious & comfortable interior, push the front axle & the inclusion of the possibility of transportation of five to seven passengers.

The first generation of Explorer was introduced in five trim levels. The car is subjected to significant modernization in 1995. Changed the exterior and interior design. Was updated shape of the front of vehicle, the front optics, the front suspension, the instrument panel. The standard equipment includes two airbags and aluminum wheels. In the Ford Explorer installed V-type 6-cylinder 4-liter and 200 hp engine (162 hp to upgrade). The back of the jeep was changed only in 1998.
The next generation of the Ford Explorer was released in January 2001. The new car is markedly different from the previous model. The changes affected the technical appearance & equipment. Explorer II was materially more such their predecessors. Front end is characterized by monumental grille coupled with new headlamps. The car has received an independent suspension, so that keeps excellent grip. This design Explorer almost completely protects against vibrations. Car easily overcomes big potholes, even if they fall under several wheels. Modes of transmission vary servo. The salon is very spacious, comfortable and practical. It has a lot of different shelves and drawers spacious volume. Seven-seat SUV’s version has three rows of seats. Due to the use of two-lever rear suspension and also a special configuration of the rear part of the frame has been improved landing passenger third-row seat. For a choice of two power units: V8 in volume of 4,6 liters / 242 hp and 4-liter V6 rated at 213 hp. Engines are paired with a five-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. Ford Explorer is equipped with front and side airbags. In addition, it became the world's first SUV with inflatable "airbags-curtains" on the windows. They are particularly valuable for rollover. Active safety systems increased use of new stability control, anti-slip and anti-lock systems.
2002 model year Explorer can be described as a reliable, comfortable, safe, practical car with good driving characteristics.
The new generation of Explorer was represented in 2005. It is characterized by increased power, improved efficiency, reduced emissions, improving security, reducing the noise level in the cabin, improved ride and correction of design to make it more expressive.
The 2006-th model in technical terms fits predecessor, but inherited from the spectacular appearance of the prototype - Ford Explorer Sport Trac. Designers also updated the interior. There's a new center console, gear lever was removed from the steering column to the center tunnel. There are new and improved rear suspension and retractable third-row seat. Chair of the second and third rows easy to fold and increase the size of luggage to incredible sizes if necessary. Capacity of the new engine has increased to 292 h. Using the latest six-speed gearbox has reduced fuel consumption by 10%. Also, the new Explorer has received four airbags, ABS, a control trajectory system and proprietary Roll Stability Control.

In New York in 2010 the presentation of the fifth generation model Explorer. Exterior has undergone the most radical changes.  Worked on the exterior Jim Holland, who at one time worked on the design of Range Rover.  Shape of the car is made in accordance with the latest fashion trends: there is massive chrome grille, raised hood, black pillars and protective plastic kit.
Ford Explorer V differs from its predecessors not only in appearance. The SUV was carrying the body instead of the frame structure. It has increased its security, improved ride and affect the noise level in the cabin. Weight of the car is decreased. At the expense of smooth body lines down the drag coefficient to 0.35. Ford Explorer also received electronic assistance systems on the roads instead of hard blocks and downshift. The interior features high quality performance and improved sound insulation. The instrument panel is designed in a futuristic style. Board computer developed with Microsoft. It provides for the driver and passengers a lot of interesting features. The car can be all-wheel drive and front wheel drive. Engine - V6 Ti-VCT 294 hp power six-speed automatic transmission SelectShift. Fuel consumption was reduced by a third than the previous generation. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, Explorer’s top speed - 230 km/h. In the American market is also a version with a turbo engine: 2.0 EcoBoost four-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled 240 hp and with a 3.5 liter V6 (350 hp). SUV is made at a automobile plant in Chicago.

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