Seat Leon

2013-01-10 08:41:39

Seat Leon is a car is intended for the real judges of a driving. That is the car is intended for those who likes a dynamic driving, constancy of accelerations and braking. Seat Leon has the balanced and obedient chassis, the powerful turbinate engine. Existence of dynamic qualities of the car and excellent elasticity give the chance to apply Seat Leon – to an everyday life, to use limit modes. Seat Leon – for fans of the drive, speed, emotions. Stylishness of a 5-door body, roominess and comfort for a family. There are front lines and econ-friendly engines with technology. It acquaints all with a unique alloy of sports characteristics which are created on force and speed, with rich internal space where it is the most convenient. Irresistibility of shape of SEAT Leon is created from a large number of the considered design decisions. The car has stylish headlights with the LED elements, the updated front grille, volume bumpers which provide protection. The SEAT Leon salon has identity. The dashboard and the forward console changed. When the car upgraded – it became still stylish and is more modern. The steering wheel and the gear shifting lever changed - became more convenient, provide comfort and safety. High functionality receive by means of keys which are responsible for management of the different systems, builirectly in a steering wheel. It means that it is possible to keep complete control. Engines which are equipped in SEAT Leon have range: 105 - 211 h.p. 

If to use the car with the engine of 211 h.p. that it is possible to feel itself the racer, for those to whom the quiet driving that in this case is necessary use the car with the engine of 105 h.p. 
The car is equipped with additional devices which provide unattainability of comfort. Has a 7-step automatic transmission with the DSG function switching. The XDS system will protect from slipping when passing turns.
The Sound System 2.2 audio system

is equipped with eight powerful loudspeakers, providing high quality of a sound.

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