BMW 318i

2013-01-13 04:13:31

Sedan of the Bavarian car makers BMW 318i - the most popular car of the third series.

What is remarkable in this car? What advantages it has?  What is different from other developments of specialists of BMW company?

The first that It should be noted, it - "long-liver". The first BMW 318i cars with a two-door body of E21  appeared at the auto market in 1980 with an engine having a power injector system, volume 1, 8 liters and  with a maximum power of 105 hp at 5800\minute. The car was equipped with M10 engine, already known and tested by that time. The letter «i» meant using injector Bosch K-Jetronic (also known as a CIS, Continuous Injection System) instead of the Solex carburetor. The appearance of the first cars of the third series with E21 body defined the direction of work of designers of the BMW company on long time. And it no wonder: the world-famous designers such as Paul Marriage, William Chamberlain and Klaus Exchange have worked with this car. The fifth generation of sedans of the third series (now with the body  E90), and the models BMW 318i models started being created in 2005.  

The second advantage of the BMW 318i  among of its "brothers" - the car is issued at the Kaliningrad automobile plant "Avtotor". Yes, yes, the "advantage"! As even experts of the Bavarian company recognized an excellent quality of the assembling of  Russian cars. In addition to it - adaptation of "Russians" of BMW 318i to our roads and climate.  In a standard complete set it has so-called "a winter package" and the enhanced protection of the crankcase, and also the service book and the instruction in Russian.
The modern car market has a lot of modifications of this popular model of the company BMW: coupe,  touring, hatchbacks.  But they have common features -  the high quality inherent in cars of the Bavarian company.  And this applies to both - driving performance and comfort of the car, since the principle of the Bavarian company  is "pleasure of a driving" continues to remain the main thing in work of  experts  throughout many years.

What do you think about this?

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