Chrysler PT Cruiser

2005-01-01 12:00:00

The debut of the Chrysler PT Cruiser car took place in Detroit in 1999. The company managed to wake memoirs at Americans who saw an image of an old van of the middle of the 20th eyelid in this model. On design the car puts itself mixture of a retro of style and modern trends.

Chrysler PT Cruiser is issued as a hatchback and a cabriolet. Engines are presented the following characteristics — of 1,6 l, 115 h.p., of 2,0 l with a power of 141 h.p., 2,4 l, 152 h.p. and a turbodiesel of common rail of production Mercedes-Benz, 2,2 l and 121 h.p. After restyling in 2005 the car began to be equipped also with the 143 h.p. engine of 2,4 l.
Externally Chrysler PT Cruiser can be learned easily — round headlights, bends of wings, a front grille with the company logo, the chromeplated elements of finishing distinguish it from other modern cars. The interior is executed in style of sports spirit and a corporate style of the Chrysler company. On a complete set of Chrysler PT Cruiser is issued in two basic versions: Touring and Limited. Level of a complete set of the Touring version includes: sports sitting with the new fabric upholstery executed in Bauhaus style, sitting of the driver with the electric drive of adjustments on six parameters, the audio system with a radio receiver of AM/FM and a CD player, I will corrode for connection of the MP3 player, the chromeplated inserts of a front grille, the central console with a movable armrest and ware office, and also the watch determined in the top part of the central console on the control panel. Cars of the Limited version are equipped with all listed above standard equipment of the Touring version and in addition following elements: sports seats with a leather upholstery and heating function (sitting of the driver also is equipped with adjustment of a lumbar emphasis), the chromeplated 16-inch aluminum rims, the chromeplated nozzle of an exhaust pipe and coasters with bright rims, and also anti-blocking brake system with disk brake mechanisms on all four wheels.

Chrysler PT Cruiser can be completed 5 step stick shift (the maximum speed makes 195 km/h) and 4-ti with step automatic shift (the maximum speed makes 171 km/h). Average fuel consumption makes 10 l on 100 km.
PT Cruiser became one of the present best-sellers of the Chrysler brand. The car is in enormous demand in North America: in 2001 in the USA 144 717 PT Cruiser, and for the first 6 months 2002 – 75 660 (+5%) were sold. 

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