Toyota Celica

2013-01-08 00:57:46

The car «Toyota Celica» is a model-long-liver. The car has received the name from the Spanish word «celestial» which means «divine», «unearthly». The car debuted in 1970. Initially the car intended for young men who needed not simply usual means of transportation.

The design of the car was revolutionary the then. Thus the model was issued in unique modification (two doors). Manufacturers have supplied the car with 4 cylinder engine with volume of the engine 1.6 liters and capacity of 75 horsepower’s. Expense of the car makes 10 liters gasoline on 100 kilometers of a way. In 1974 there was a new model «GT» which differed from the last greater capacity (109 horsepower’s) and the new engine in volume 1.6-liter or 2-liters capacity of 123 horse forces. The car was positioned as the sports car. The maximal speed made 210 kilometers at an o'clock, that on those times was a high parameter. Initially «Toyota Celica» was equipped with the combined transmission (independent ahead and dependent behind).Manufacturers have established on the engine a five-step mechanical box of transfers that did the car maneuverable, fast which possessed high parameters of stability at movement on turns. The car ideally approaches those who wish to feel the racer at the wheel the city car. Per 1993 on a motor show in Tokyo, the manufacturer have presented to public the sixth generation of the car «Toyota Celica». It has appeared during growth of popularity of cars which were used for productive leisure («RV»).

By the way, for those who still consider the appearance of the sample Celica 1993-1999 period unacceptable, it should be noted that «Toyota» produced for the Japanese market modification Curren with a standard design. A lot of right-hand drive coupe on the market with the name Celica, because in the land of the rising sun, this model in used condition is 

significantly cheaper than in Europe, and has a fairly rich equipment. In addition, the machine usually runs from Japan less than that imported from the Old or New World.

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