Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO

2013-01-12 03:20:14

Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO is a middle size off-road vehicle.

Prado is produced by Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, as one of the smaller vehicles in the range of Land Cruiser.

 The first generation of PRADO was introduced in 1987. It gained great popularity due to its high flotation ability and comfortable driving at the same time. Prado became an ideal vehicle for people with active lifestyle. From 1987 till now four generations of PRADO were produced. PRADO from the first three generations had 3-door and 5-door series. Beginning with the second generation off-road SUV was constructed on the same platform with Toyota Hilux Surf. From the third generation, the interior and exterior of Land Cruiser Prado were greatly changed.

All models of Prado have ladder frame, front independent suspension  and  two speed transfer case. 

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is available in several different versions, for example, the Grande is the spec, more luxurious version than the other. In most markets Prado is available with either a four liters petrol engine with V6 (six cylinders arranged in the form of a V) or a three liters diesel engine.  

 Land Cruiser Prado 150 (fourth generation) was introduced on the international automobile show in Frankfurt in 2009. However the European market knows this vehicle under the name “Land Cruiser”, because the word “Prado” is always mixed up with the name of fashion brand “PRADA” or the name of the watches “Rado”.

Prado 150 has full time four wheel drive. Some modifications of the vehicle are equipped with Multi-Terrain System that regulates suspension work on different surfaces (rocks, gravel, snow, thick mud).

Prado 150 is available with the 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions with a possibility of locking front and rear differentials. Prado from 2010 model raw is available only with 5 doors, but there are models in full packaging arrangement with 7 seats. Also new model raw offers audio systems with 9 dynamics, parking sensors and rear view cameras.  

Prado from the first generations are still popular for those, who need off-road vehicle with perfect technical characteristics.

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