Renault Twingo

2013-01-10 21:41:12

Renault Twingo – this car will be ideally suited for the city. Differs the small sizes and modern design. The car released in 1992. The car has 1 volume of the body, two wide lateral doors, a motley upholstery of seats, multi-colored rychazhka and buttons, digital devices, besstupenchaty. The body of the first generation has good protection against corrosion, long service life of a paint and varnish covering, besides it is possible to notice good stability of the car on the road. Interior simple and laconic. 

The practicality is connected with a putting back of a back seat. Renault Twingo I of generation has the engine volume, which 1,2 l the power of 55 h.p. and a mechanical transmission. In 1994 let out Twingo Easy which had mechanical transmission with automatic coupling. In 1995 годуTwingo began to have a usual automatic transmission. In 1996 of Twingo which volume is equipped with the new engine makes 1,1 l. In 1998 the car equipped with a new bumper painted the lower part, fog lights, a basic complete set. In 2004 I let out th updated sedan of Twingo.   

Besides the Renault company released the  car with five-door modification - Twingospace. Twingospace - borrowed back glass Megane, a high roof Vel Satis, the low zone line and the big area of a glazing Espace. Lobby, part of the car borrowed Renault Clio. Salon transformation is improved. Back seats, are mounted on mobile arms, move forwawith rims.  

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