Renault Scenic

2013-01-09 03:07:54

Renault Scenic is the most demanded model of the Renault company. It is a prototype of the Renault Megane car which was modernized.
To feel convenient in the car, in the car changed design of salon. The main difference of Renault Scenic from Renault Megane is a design of salon. Besides the car has opportunity to change quantity of seats in salon, and also luggage carrier volume. Thus if to change a seat, the passenger all the same will conveniently feel and there will be a convenient access to a luggage compartment. The Renault Scenic car is highly appreciated and has safety parameters.

Abilities of the Renault Scenic car are very great, but thus safety of the passenger is carried out at any speed and under any conditions. The seat has system of double protection of a seat belt and a safety cushion. Besides improved ABS is a stability and controllability at a driving, it doesn't depend on weather conditions and an experience of the driver. Made automatic parking brakes - they work at a stop of the engine and shutdown when pressing a pedal of an accelerator, and simple system of start of the engine by means of pressing of one button. The car is suitable for all weather conditions and hasreliability. The system of protection of Renault has deduction system.

The generation Renault Scenic I car, is created on the bce increased to 210 mm and an exterior detail.
Renault Scenic II of generation let out in 2003. The car has an alliance Renault Nissan platform - Nissan C platform.
In 2006 the model was updated, in 2007 let out Scénic Conquest — the successor of RX4.
Renault Scenic III of generation let out in 2009. But car sale of this series began since 2010. The car has the Renault Megane platform. In the European part the car III of generation began in 2009.

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