2013-01-11 04:26:54

The car «bmw x1» has been created at a factory in Leipzig. For the first time the car have presented to general public in the end of 2009 and it is created on the basis of model «BMW» 3 sets. Thus designers and developers significantly have finished transmission; the electrohydraulic amplifier of a rudder has been established. The model differs satisfactory parameters of controllability and maneuverability. The driver can receive huge pleasure from driving the car, due to use of system of course stability.

It is possible to carry to the basic advantages of the car: good road performance, a possibility to obtain information about traffic, system of dynamic support of the set speed, innovative system of navigation «Professional», the chamber of a back type for increase of a security at a parking, access to information service «BMW Assist», unique system «iDrive».

Designers and designers of company «BMW» have created unique design of the ex-terrier of the car «bmw x1». The forward and back part of the car now has more interesting design which emphasizes solidity of the car. The car differs long wheel base, dynamic contours and lines. The design of the car gives to it a sports type. Designers have developed specially for this car new, round headlights, white light-emitting diode headlights. Also in the car there are additional indicators of a direction of movement which significantly increase a security of passengers and the driver at driving at night-time.

Engineers and designers of company «BMW» managed to create unique design of an interior of the new car which differs the originality. At creation of salon of the car, innovative materials and metal elements of a decor with art inserts have been used. Engineers managed to create unique furnish of a gearshift, the central console, the big seat for storage of various things. Thus in salon the innovative central air of air, navigating system «Professional», the controller «iDrive» is established.

The manufacturer establishes some models of engines on the car: the petrol, 4 cylinder engine, volume 2,0 liters and capacity of 150 horsepower’s and the diesel engine in volume of 2,0 liters and capacity of 143 horsepower’s.

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