2013-01-08 01:35:53

There is nobody in Moscow, that heard nothing of BMW to the series of M. As a rule, all recitals of these machines in the circle of acquaintances and friends are alike as like as two peas: m is series " saw " today, she from a traffic-light went away pithily, second even did not have time to regain consciousness. here so and legends give birth, and idols appear for boys. BMW M3 the last generation only began to appear at the Russian market, in Moscow " m is series " while only a few things, but numerous placards, billboards and stretchings, are already spread on all city.  

So, we begin our BMW review: newest BMW M3 in the basket of compartment. Engine of V/8, by volume of 4 litres. Power of 420 h.p. The red zone of tachometer is begun with 8000 rev/min. Acceleration to 100 km/h for 4.8 seconds. Classic back drive and so classic six-stage gear-box. Outwardly, sporting modification from all model row differs from ordinary not separate elements, and literally all. Look at the exaggerated front wings, on nineteen inches easy alloy disks on this aggressive back bumper with four union coupling. Generally, car BMW M3 not for Moscow, with her always standing streets and highway. To forge his possibilities the scopes of limitations of speed and work-load of roads is business ungrateful, and if coming to live him in a megalopolis, then only at nights, in the day-time he simply exists and with a comfort transports you from a point And pithily В. By the way speaking, this M3 does with much more success than many sporting compartments with a salon formula 2+2: here and behind a place sufficiently for two high subjects.

An engine can be twisted to 8400 turns in a minute, to suffice it to say that M3 on a low gear able to speed along at a speed of 100 km/h, and 80%% her twisting moment, accessible already at 2000 turns in a minute. In spite of the recklessly stylish, aggressive look and it sporting destiny is true, BMW M3 is a carefully enough thought out car. To become obviously, that between present sport by punishments, that become more civil and sporting cars created on the base of serial from year to year, in the visible future, however, the point of contiguity will be found. Quite possible, that by such car, there will be next BMW M series.

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