Toyota Avalon

2013-01-08 12:00:00

Toyota Avalon prestige sedan of class of Е, built on the extended platform of Toyota Camry, bore in 1995. There are two generations of this car to date, different mainly original appearance and megascopic internal space that, however, and it was initially enough. Avalon the market of North America was initially oriented, from here and many features of this car.Avalon differs in from Camry another appearance other interior, megascopic a wheel-base and overall long(a wheel-base is a 2677 mm, length a 4797 mm, width a 1792 mm, height a 1442 mm). Working part changed only in tuning. An engine is the same, as at Toyota Camry, but force on 20 h.p.(210 h.p.).

The salon of Toyota Avalon is spacious. Internal finishing, displays and checking systems on height of. In particular a car is equipped by a side computer, giving out the most various state information to the driver, thruster-on, temperature of air systems etc. External review wonderful.

Passenger seats are spacious and very comfortable. In a back row considerable space is taken foot. Also in a back row elbow-rests are envisaged with sliding glass-holders. In the back-end of central cantilever an electric plug is located on 100 Watts, that allows to the passengers of back row to use different electric devices, such as, for example, briefcase computer without an adapter.Toyota Avalon is equipped by the three-liter petrol engine of DOHC V6 by power 210 horsepowers with a maximal twisting moment 5800 turns in a minute, that allows to be dispersed to the car to 210 km/h. On a car a four stages hydro is set with electronic control, what a smoothness and speed of switching of transmissions allow to increase and to bring down the expense of fuel(8,1 litre on one hundred kilometres on a route and 11,2 litre is in the municipal mode). Dynamics of acceleration at the level of most modern analogues. Toyota Avalon is a comfortable and reliable car with the richly executed salon, by a noiseless power aggregate and to the extent of by a soft pendant. A machine is very dynamic at an acceleration and reliably guided even on high speed Toyota Avalon not for drivers-enthusiasts. This reliable and comfortable transport vehicle.

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