Opel Corsa

2013-01-10 02:25:33

World premiere Opel Corsa fourth-generation took place in London, on the British international motor show by a summer 2006 In accordance with the same philosophy that was realized Opel in the models of Astra and Astra GTC, three- and the five doors variants of Corsa distinctly differentiate inter se - they are specially created for the different target groups of potential customers. A car is built on a platform, worked out GM in collaboration with FIAT, on the same platform FIAT Grande Punto is built. New Opel Corsa is produced on plants in Eisenach, Germany, and in Saragossa, Spain.

The sporting basket of three-door Opel Corsa " covers" his perfect construction, like a t-shirt covers the relief muscles of body-builder. A car has athletic contours, muscular " shoulders" and line of roof, defiant association with a compartment. Five doors a variant, opposite, demonstrates aimed at domestic life: the line of roof is considerably prolonged back, and through large windows it is possible to see back seats - a fullsize, in spite of compact overall sizes of car. Large headlights prevail in the design of forehand of Opel Corsa, underlining power and sporting character of car. The smooth forms of front bumper draw a friendly smile on " face" of Corsa.Back glass at three-door Opel Corsa is inclined under a considerably large corner, and the extensive line of roof gives him likeness with a compartment. To be completed a machine while will be three petrol motors by volume of 1,0, 1,2 and a 1,4 litre by power to 90 h.p., and also a few by a turbo diesel volume a from 1,3 to 1,7 litre and power from 75 to 100 h.p.

The feature of Corsa is double half luggage separations " of DualFloor", that is included in the underlying hardware of versions of Edition, Sport and Cosmo. He creates the even surface of sex of luggage separation on height of doorsill, facilitating loading-unloading of heavy or bulky objects : them it is possible simply to push or pull out from a luggage rack.When half luggage separation set in overhead position, under him an extra appears for placing of luggage. At a build back seat " DualFloor" creates the absolutely even surface of sex. In addition, " DualFloor" can be put on the bottom of luggage rack.

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