Honda CRV

2013-01-08 14:02:09

Debut of Honda CR-V.

  Honda CR-V is a compact five-door SUV which produced by the Japanese company Honda. The  latest 4-th generation was presented in Los Angeles in 2011 at the Auto Show and its European version debuted in July 2012. This car enjoyed great succes in Europe, USA and Asis. This car is perfect for any purpose: daily trris to work in rush-hours, a trip with the family out of town, in the forest or to the sea. It`ll allow you to feel comfortable and enjoy driving during the whole travel. The 4-th  generation become more youth and progressive than it`s previous models.  European version of Honda CR-V is produced at Honda in the UK.

Types of configuration 

  Honda CR-V belongs to the class K1. New Honda CR-V  is fit up with unique all-wheel drive RealTime 2 WD which assist adjust the car under different conditions. European version of Honda CR-V can be equipped with a 2.2- liter diesel engine i-DTEC, or a 2-Liter petrol i-VTEC. You can choose 6-speed manual transmission or a 5 band automatic. The developers were able to reduse emission of carbon dioxide to 100 g\km with the help of start-stop system.

Interior and exterior

In interior  we can see lower suspension that it was in previous models. Every detail of this model emphasizes the strenth and power of this car. More extended exterior makes this car more impressive. Keep a compact size Honda is one of the most maneuverable in SUV segments. We can think that there`s a lack of space inside but it`s just a delusion. Length of luggage rack is 1570 mm and boot capacity can be increased from 569 to 1669 liters.

In interior we can found front and rear electric windows, trip computer, 2-zone climate control, leather or cloth seats, rear view camera, rear seats are fit up with electric drive, heated front seats, control panel with lightening optitron which reduces eye strain, bluetooth and other function which necessary for modern man. 


We can pick out several advantages: high level of ecological compatibility, compact size, deserving level of safety, modern and bold design.

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