Honda Civic

2013-01-09 13:49:32

Before the Civic team under the leadership of the leader of the project, Mittsura Kary, the task to think up and develop the new Civic was set. The previous Civic model became a reference point in their development on creation of the car.
Visually, the Civic 2012 is perceived as an upgraded version of its predecessor, and no more than that.

An attempt of designers of Honda to create something new, remaining within old design, affected to an appearance of  hatchback far not in the best way. Former Civic 5D was one of the most stylish and original representatives of the segment: in every detail of its exterior you could find some zest.
In model of new generation the main emphasis is placed on profitability and comfort: aerodynamics of a body and environmental friendliness of motors are improved, the noise isolation and a suspension bracket are improved too. The car received processed a  front suspension   bracket and a steering rack. But the most important innovation was hidden behind. In order that to improve the smoothness of motion, the hydraulic dampers was installed - as at the flagship sedan Honda Legend, the beam became more rigid. The wheel base of a hatchback decreased by 30 mm.

The salon has novations.

 At first sight, nothing is changed: everything is in its place, including the "branded" two-storeyed dashboard. However, touching the soft plastic Torpedo, feel the difference: the quality of interior materials has improved.The chubby rim of a steering-wheel lays down in a hand as if it was cut out by the individual order. But full-time media system, which serves as an audio player, the navigator and screen rear view camera, delight didn't cause.
 Civic has a 1.8 - liter petrol engine capacity 142 liters with. This engine can be equipped with a system of automatic switching off and startup of the engine.
In general, new Civic incorporated the strengths of the predecessor and lifted its to a qualitatively new level. Also it is one of the best among similar in respect of CO2 emissions.

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