Mitsubishi Galant

2013-01-10 14:54:06

Mitsubishi Galant positioned developers as an alternative to such popular models as the Subaru Legacy, Honda Accord and many popular German luxury car. This car is available in two types of body: sedan, spacious wagon. Mitsubishi Galant well designed, comfortable, elegant and powerful car. Also the machine itself perfectly demonstrated in studies of the reliability of vehicles.
Unfortunately, despite the relatively recent appearance of the update, Galant is still not the most fashionable or recognizable pattern.

Cars line Galant different agility and good handling while driving.
They are equipped with front-or all-wheel drive (only for version VR4). Driving tools are convenient for the driver and easy to use. Especially handy steering wheel - it is quite easy, that makes you feel more confident when driving around the city and park. Despite the powerful engine line-standard version Galant not very athletic. Suspension is too soft for a really ultra-precise control. This machine is designed for uniform motion in a more or less constant speed, but not for street racing. VR4 but has a stiffer chassis.
The base version of the car is equipped with a 2-liter gasoline engine. This version of the Mitsubishi Galant has nothing special. Version with a 240-valve engine 2.5-liter V6 is much faster and more powerful than the previous version. The new version with 2.4 - liter GDI direct injection also boasts of its agility. The real power over them shows the version with a 280-horsepower engine VR4. The characteristics able to compete with the Subaru Impreza Turbo or Nissan Skyline. In this case, 2.4 GDI engine is quite economical. All the engines are clear, effective and without any complaints.
Galantbodyis strong enough. The carmountedanti-lock brakesand airbags forthe driver andpassengersisstandard.Modifications to the engine V6 is also equipped with side airbags. At the factory for all vehicles Galant set the alarm system and immobilizer.

Mitsubishi Galantinterioris very spacious and cozy.The seatsare very comfortable; the car is equipped withuseful additions, includingsuch a deviceas an air conditioner.  Leather interiorserves asa rather expensiveoption. Universal type of the Galant is very roomy, although there is no shortagein the sedanspace.It should be noted, however, that therear seatpassengerscanfeel a littleuneasy,as the roofinthe rear of theGalantis slightly lower thanin the front.Allversions of the car equipped withstandard radio, and the modificationV6 - CD-changer.

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