Buick Lacrosse

2013-01-10 10:14:10

The LaCrosse car started being issued since 2008. In 2008 started letting out a model range of cars under the Super series, they have modifications: CX, CXL, Super.
Modification of CX, CXL have 3,8 l. the V6 motor which capacity makes 203 h.p. if to take modification of CXL, it have 3,6 l. 24-valvate V6 where power is 243 h.p.
The La Crosse Super car changed in appearance where it experts made solid finishing of salon. The car to look became even more graceful as its seats are executed from the genuine leather, the polished panels - a tree. The 5,3-liter V8 motor where the power of 304 hp, also is system of shutdown of AFM cylinders which lifts high-speed possibilities of the car is used. To disperse from a place of 96,5 km/h it is required 5,7 with. The car belongs to category - a comfortable sedan. New midsize sedan of Buick LaCrosse began to let out instead of a model range of Regal. The design the car has modern streamline Buick style with characteristic double oval headlights. The car consists of the forward drive, more rigid body, the new aluminum engine from the producer of Holden which volume of 3,6 l of V6 24V with WT, he allows to develop 240 hp.
The car is equipped with the tyagovity engine from the producer of the Canadian company of 3,8 l of V6 12V who develops 200 hp.

Color scale of CX, where motor of 3,8 l and sports CXS version, where motor of 3,6 l.
In 2006 the car was equipped four PB, ABS, system of stabilization of StabiliTrak, the audio system with CD, the central lock with DU, the electric drive of glasses and mirrors, the conditioner, and in some models it is possible to notice performance for additional cost the hatch, leather salon, a changer, the navigation system about OnStar and satellite radio HMM.

Version 2.4 Medium is equipped with frontal PB, ABS+EBD, provocativeness TCS system, separate climate control, the audio system with CD.

Version 2.4 Premium has the navigation system, put mirrors, the DVD audio system with the 7-inch screen.

Version 3.0 Flagship has the magnificent audio system, a full electro package, the hatch and system of stabilization of StabiliTrak, seats are trimmed by skin.

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