Seat Ibiza

2013-01-09 08:51:14

First representatives of the new generation of Seat Ibiza could be found at plant of the concern in Spain in 1984. It took its name from the Spanish island that is popular by its unbelievable parties. At the time that fashionable vehicle was designed by famous Giorgetto Giugiaro and became the first own car produced by Seat. Ibiza was the project in assistance with FIAT concern, so many of the aggregates had Italian. Exterior, as well as interior, was designed at the Ital Design atelier.

Constructors of the Porsche were responsible for the technical part of the car. So we can say that it took the best parts from leading automobile companies. Initially there were three-door and five door hatchback. It became popular both and neighboring countries and walk into the final stage of contest "Car of the Year." Within next fifteen years concern produced some new versions of the Seat Ibiza. Ibiza IV became the first car after German Concern Volkswagen bought control packet of shares of Seat. It was build on the base of the platform that was developed special for «supermini» segment. Such platform perform better quality and high level of safety. In a little aggressive look of Ibiza you can find expressive lines of Geneva’s concept Seat Bocanegra. Passenger compartment looks like sportive, stylish and high quality.

Control panel is turned toward driver. Deflectors are moved forward and effectively provide air leak making feel comfortable to passengers. According to modern trend Seat Ibiza became longer (4.05 m), wider (1.69 m) and higher (1.44 m). Front track and rear rack also were enlarged that improved controllability and stability at sharp turns. Increasing of overall dimensions auspicious tell on the passenger department as well as on the trunk space. Useful volume of the trunk is 292 liters. There is a choice of 1.2-liter with 70 hp, 1.4-liter with 

85 hp, 1.6-liter with 105 hp gasoline engines and 1.4-liter with 80 hp, 1.9-liter with 90 or 105 hp diesel engines. Constructors offer manual five-speed gearbox.

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