Mazda Protege

2013-01-08 23:51:33

Mazda Protege — is model of the front-wheel four-door car of a golf class which is issued since 1999 and is the analog of the Mazda 323 model which has received other name specially for the North American market.

The car was issued in a body a sedan, the versatile person and were completed with engines with good reliability and profitability. For the entire period of production, from 1995 to 2002 a number of improvements and completions was made. Engines were installed by the volume of 1,3 l, 1,5 l, 1,6 l, and 2,0 l with a power respectively 75 h.p., 88 h.p., 95 h.p. and 130 h.p.
At Mazda Protege has very elegant, a little sports, appearance with smooth lines of the body, chromeplated by elements on a front grille. The body of the car possesses excellent corrosion stability. The interior of the car is trimmed by qualitative materials which don't cause scratches and other extraneous noises through a certain period of operation, it is equipped with the conditioner, a firm stereosystem. The interior is practical, functional and attractive. Dashboards and information displays are convenient in use. The salon very spacious that seems unexpected at a view of the small car by the sizes. The volume of a luggage carrier of the car small, but back chairs develop that makes room occasional and allows to transport long subjects, lobbies of sitting have no opportunity to develop.

Mazda Protege is equipped 5-speed with transmission with stick shift, fuel consumption makes about 8 l on 100 km, the maximum speed, depending on engine displacement, can make from 167 to 203 km/h.
For the class Mazda Protege it is considered one of the best cars therefore was in huge demand for buyers, also has unsurpassed dynamic characteristics which don't allow it to get lost against other cars.The dynamic course, good equipment systems of safety and durability of operation, and also available cost — such properties are inherent in this model. In 2003 the car was replaced with the Mazda 3 model series.

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