Toyota Starlet

2012-12-26 03:31:42

Toyota Starlet is a compact hatchback car with the low flow of fuel. Toyota Starlet is available in 3 and 5-door body. This model was launched in 1978, the last model was made in 1999.
The first generation Starlet is a sports and are mounted rear wheel drive. Starlet cars on the second-generation front-wheel mounted which more suitable for compact class machine. Despite this, the sports car image has been saved in the development of turbo modification. A low price for the basic model allows producing the optimal quantity of Toyota Starlet.

In the fourth generation are sporting types and GT-modified Starlet. The latest model GT is equipped with four round headlights. This makes the car more aggressive. Package GT was presented with a single engine 4E-FTE with a 4-cylinder, 16-valve turbocharged engine. Starlet GT proved to be reliable, easy to operate and maintain the vehicle in its class. Also GT-version also has good dynamic performance. Easily boost engine power to 150 hp by increasing the turbo boost to 0.85 bar, install ram exhaust and more powerful fuel pump. After these improvements require configuration by setting the fuel mixture broadband lambda probe or AFC (air-flow converter).

Toyota Starlet GT and Gi versions were two restyling, in 1993 and late 1994. The first restyling touch updates the dashboard, rear optics car, was also removed from the GT label luminous strip between the taillights. Second restyling customizes third door, was also changed bumper, grille and front optics, which was equipped with lenses and a more modern appearance. In other trim front optics do not have to be changed for the time of production 80 series. On the GT and Gi versions installed four-speed automatic transmission with electronically controlled operating mode. Are available in two modes: PWR (priority in transmission gear selection was given a low gear and work at higher speeds, enabling low gear (kickdown) is achieved at a small pedal ACCELATOR) and MANU («winter» mode, the car always move began with the second gear to reduce the chance of slipping drive wheels In the standard GT and Gi present front and rear strut cup racks to increase body stiffness. Front strut - two-points, rear - three points. The front seats are different from the «civilian version» of Starlet. They have a strong lateral support and sporty design.
Turbocharged version of the car got a good position in the market, and the next generation of body (90 series), also attended the turbo version of the car with a new name - Glanza.

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