Infiniti FX 35

2013-01-08 13:05:48

Infiniti FX 35 is based and constructed on sport platform Front Midship. Due to the location of engine’s center of gravity behind the front axle, optimal weight distribution between front and rear axles is achieved. It improves a steerability of the vehicle.

Crossover from FX series is, perhaps, the most famous car of this brand. Interesting fact that Infiniti FX are not sold in Japan and it doesn’t have its Japanese counterpart under the Nissan brand, because firstly this model was designed only for customers in the United States of America. Of course, soon it became very popular in Russia due to perfect technical characteristics of the car and its representative look.

There are two generations of Infiniti FX. Models FX 35 and 45 are from the first generation introduced in 2003. Infiniti FX 35 is available with two types of transmissions, with rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It is equipped with 3.5 L 24-valve V6 (six cylinders arranged in the form of a V) patrol engine. Also electronically controlled throttle system is used in the engine.

In 2008 Infiniti FX35 had undergone small changes in appearance and equipment. Standard equipment now includes interior trim made of natural leather, driver and front passenger heated seats, rear view cameras, high-class audio system from Bose Company with 11 dynamics and other equipment typical for cars of "lux" class.

V6 engines with 279 liters capacity were not changed significantly.

FX is not only one of the most popular SUV brand made by Infiniti. This vehicle is a unique combination of functionality, sportiness, design, prestige and comfort. This car is easy to remember, but hard to forget. Infiniti FX 35 looks effective and prestigious not only in motion, but on the parking place too. Of course, this car is more oriented on business men or just successful people, who value their image and money.

The designers managed to give the car of impressive size a silhouette of a hatchback that only doubles the image of a very dynamic car.  Only driving Infiniti FX 35 you will get the idea how does the real high-class SUV look like.

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