Fiat Punto

2013-01-10 06:10:18

Fiat Punto debuted in 1993 and immediately became a bestseller in Europe. Punto means “point” so for the most part of people it is easy to realize Punto is a mini-car. It followed after Fiat Uno in Fiat’s model row. Within production of this vehicle it has not been seriously changed or modified. Just its force aggregates renovated many times. There are three different types of cabin: 3-door and 5-door hatchback and cabriolet that was produced in 1994.

Vehicles of the first generations were equipped with 1.1-liter gasoline engine, which had 55 hp, with central injection. All that provided low-grade consumption of the fuel – just 7 L/100 km. Sportive versions of the model had 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which had 88 hp or 1.4-liter gasoline engine, which had 133 hp under the hood. But the happy medium was 1.24-liter gasoline engine with 75 hp. The last one, undoubtedly, combines acceptable dynamics and economy. Mechanic transmission offered choice of 5-step and 6-step. Overall circulation of the first generation Fiat Punto was about 3 millions copies, and hold out at production line till 1999. Following which concern presented Fiat Punto II.


It was design on the new platform, that considerably differed from the previous one. Constructors tried to eliminate all weak places of predecessor and vehicle became much more reliable and safety. Front-wheel drive hatchback was produced in 3-door an5 5-door models. Interior of the Fiat Punto is the strong side of the image. Designers managed to combine capacity of the quite high cabin with expressiveness and elegance. Car became more aggressive and solidity although silhouette had not changed much. Interior is much spacious than it can appear from outside. Steering column is adjusted by vertical. Due to more vertical seat there is a good look forward and at the sides. Passengers have enough leg room at the back side. Besides basic versions of gasoline engines, which have volume of 1.2-liter and 60 hp or 1.2-liter and 80 hp, there also exists new 1.2-liter turbo-diesel engine with 80 hp and rotational moment of 186 Nm and sportive version Punto HGT equipped with 1,8-titer forced engine which has 131 hp and 6-step manual transmission.

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