Renault Clio

2013-01-09 23:35:00

Renault Clio is a compact vehicle of the «B»-class, which substituted at a pipeline long-lived Renault 5. Official release took 
place at the Paris automobile show in autumn 1990. It quickly became on of the most popular car in its model row and won 
prestigious “European Car of the Year award” soon. All of these describe high level of popularity of Clio both in France and 
abroad. Renault Clio, like all cars produced with proprietary French rhombus-shaped logo, inherits best merits of European car. 

Series of technical decisions, in according with ecology standards, reliability and economy, make it a real bargain. Modern 
design and elegant integrated aggregates harmonious supplement list of advantages. More than 4 million Clio of first generation 
were built and sell by the concern between 1990 and 1998. Second generation appeared in 1998. Instead of straightforward and 
simple exterior of predecessor designers offered bright and swift-rounded shapes of exterior. In 1999 constructors created 
sedan Symbol for developing markets. It was projected on the base of aggregates of Renault Clio. High balance between consumer 
qualities and technical abilities is the reason why the Renault Clio Campus is still remains at production line. In 2009 
concern decided one more time modernize the car to fit the times. In 2005 company released Renault Clio of third generation. It 
was 3-door and 5-door model.

The new model was designed in collaboration with counterparts from Nissan. Clio 3 has the same 
platform as the other four models: budgetary Renault Logan, minivan Modus, mini-car Nissan Micra and hatchback Nissan Note. 
Also as a result of restyling, exterior, interior and technical features were changed. Length was appreciably enlarged for 
about 170 mm, width and height increased for 70 mm. Wheelbase is 2570 mm and effective volume of the trunk is 288 liters. Also 
base packaging arrangement include 1.2-liter engine with 75 hp, manual 5-step transmission, ABS, 15-inches disks, central 
locking, driver’s air bag and front passenger’s air bag and other.

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