Renault Laguna

2013-01-11 03:24:31

Debut of Renault Laguna

 Renault Laguna is a large family car produced by the French company  Renault. This car belongs to D-class and become a leader in this class. The 1-st generation come out in 1993. 2-nd  generation appeared to the World market in 2001. The latest 3-rd generation produced from 2007 to the present days. Official presentation took place on September  at the Frankfurt Auto Show. In November Renault LagunaIII was put up for sale.But in 2010 in Paris updated  new version.This car enjoyed great succes in Europe.  Renault LagunaIII is perfect for any purpose E.X. daily trips to work in rush-hours or a journey out of the city. You will feel comfort and enjoy driving during the whole  travel. 

 Types of configuration

There are 3 versions of choosing body type: 4-doors sedan,5-doors hatchback or 5-doors universal. You can choose diesel or petrol engines. ะกonstructors made an emphasis not only on power but also on fuel economy and on ecological compatibility. On diesel engines  1.5 and 2.0 liters harmful substances in the atmosphere is 109 and 118 g\km. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 4.2 and 4.5 liters per 100km and the power at it reaches 110 and 150. These figures may be due to the system start-stop.

There are 2 speed gearboxes you can choose: 6 speed manual transmission or 6 range automatic.

Interior and exterior

The designers have given more sporting details and made Laguna more youth nand progressive. This model got new headlamp optics, a revised grating, bumper, rear lights and slightly adjusted body panel.

However the cabin was not left unattended. There you can pick out new sporting seats, chrome inserts and many other items. Level of safety for both driver and passagers are at a high level. LagunaIII is outfit with quality audio system Bose, navigation system and acces to the internet.


High level of safety,

Comfortable city car,

A lot of modern optics,

Expensive and quality audio system,

Moderate fuel consumtion.

The main competitor is Nissan Altima. 

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