Chevrolet Camaro SS

2012-12-26 02:57:44

Chevrolet Camaro SS — the well-known series a muscle-car, one of successful and very bright sports cars in America. The characteristic of the letters SS the Chevrolet company designated Super Sport, the powerful sports car. The history of this car began with the first generation of the Camaro in 1967. The initial complete set of SS had beenremembered appearance, a convex black front grille, the round headlights which have been harmoniously deeply inserted. The first changes were made as well as in appearance, and in technical characteristics. The engine changed — instead of the volume of 5,7 l the 6,5 l engine was installed. Capacity of 255 h.p. to 325 h.p. that was the biggest break in those days was respectively replaced also. The history of a complete set of SS shows that it is possible to sell successfully cars of one model both with a compartment body, and with a body a cabriolet. 

The Chevrolet Camaro SS car was such before the beginning of 21 centuries, but times change and demand other approach and absolutely other speeds and technologies. In 2011 new Chevrolet Camaro SS was let out. The appearance developed by the well-known world designers changed. In it the lines of the first car of this complete set of 1967 are guessed. Especially has a good appearance the forward part of the car, a headlight and a front grille with a company logo has. Color of model has a wide choice, but red, black and yellow colors are the most widespread. If outside the car looks quiteaggressive, in the car it is possible to have feeling of rest. The speedometer and tachometer look extended, the steering wheel doesn't look volume, but bears many additional functions, buttons of loudness of loudspeakers, adjustments of seats of the car, heating here are located.On the right the on-board computer is located. The salon is trimmed by the most practical and inexpensive material which skin is. Chevrolet Camaro SS possesses an automatic window regulator, the conditioner, climate control and many other functions inherent in cars of such class. 

New Chevrolet Camaro SS has V8 engine modification volume makes 6,2 l, the power of 450 h.p., the maximum speed of 275 km/h, on it can be established 6-speed stick shift TR6060 or 6-step automatic shift Hydra-Matic 6L80 with possibility of manual switching of speeds. 

Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport — the most popular car among judges, it is available not for everything, but much, and among competitors (Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger) is the best.

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