Honda Accord EX

2013-01-11 02:58:16

Honda did Honda Accord far anymore on the overall sizes.A new eighth generation though and increased in proportions, but saved dignities of predecessor.A chord increased in sizes constantly during the last years, a new generation was constructed on analogical principle. The wheel-base of car became anymore on a 2,3 inch(5,84 cm) and makes a 110,2 inch(280 cm), while length increased on 3 inches(7,62 cm) equaling now 194,1 inch(493 cm). Width and height changed on an inch.

For years the existence, Chord showed by itself embodiments of conservatism, ultra-conservatism, or simply deformities. The last generation can be named conservative, with some lines of upscale. Our acquisition of EX(the richest) underlines original appearance of car some lines, such as is the subzero landing of basket, one 17-inch beautiful easy alloy disks, small amount of the chrome-plated details.Also, give to understand that Chord became a class higher are large door knobs in the color of basket and pleasant weight of doors. They are closed with a pleasant sound, to the inherent German cars, and so densely fit closely to the doorways, that seems, as though you opened a hatch, to perch in a machine. More power, less harmful extrass.Engine of Chord SOHC V6 with 24- valve and brandname car of Honda system of adjusting of phases of gas is distribution of i - VTEC did not begin " to fall" behind from the tendency of change of overall sizes of basket and was expanded from 3 litres to 3,5. Power now 268 6 200 turns are a minute , but not 240 as before. A twisting moment is 248 pound on a foot at 5 000 turns are a minute.


Customers of Chord not from those people, who likes a plastic under a tree in finishing of salon, and Honda it knows perfectly. There are a bit sceneries. They are executed from a plastic neatly painted under an aluminium.Every surface of salon possesses such texture that is pleasant at a touch and serves to longevity of salon. In an interior there is not a single switch or buttons that would be located not on the place. Ergonomics very tried. Every button works with high exactness, giving feeling of high quality.

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