Ford GT

2013-01-10 11:34:00

Ford GT — belongs to so-so - to the motor sports car which is released by the Ford Motor Company company about 2003 - 2006. The car was developed under the version the concept car which was intended by century of the Ford company and which reminded of Mustang and Thunderbird cars.
The car of the GT version is the Ford GT40 car prototype. If to compare these two cars that it is possible to notice differences at GT - it more, wider and 3 inches higher. On these parameters GT43 decided to call the car. All prototypes of the car were which were presented in 2003 specially to celebration of century of the company. Production Ford GT began in 2004.
The Ford GT super car, release which was carried out about 2005 - 2007, is a classical GT40 racing car of the 60th years. But it is possible to notice that other generation will receive modern design. It will be equipped with a big air inlet which is in a front bumper, angular headlights of head light, ventilating openings in a cowl and on back wings. But proportions of the supercar won't change. 
To reduce the mass of Ford GT will use the aluminum chassis, composite body panels. As experts report, the weight of the car will decrease by 200 kilograms. The motor compartment will be equipped with the eight-cylinder compressor engine which develops 600 h.p.

Therefore capacity will have comparison to the weight of 430 h.p. on ton. To get the speed of 100 km/h of Ford of GT it is accelerated in three seconds, and the maximum speed is considered 320 km/h.

The premiere of Ford GT was in 2003. The company wanted to make car release by limited circulation, nevertheless, demand surpassed expectations. It is also possible to tell that the super carat was the double powerful car. The car was equipped with 5,4 liter engine with pressurization which was in average part, behind the car. The result of all history such is that new Ford GT lost the numbering and serial numbers.

As it became known that release a super penalty will come to the end soon.

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