Renault Megane

2013-01-10 22:38:57

«Renault Megane» the small family car which has come in the stead of model «Renault 19» which was let out by company «Renault» represents. For the first time the car «Renault Megane» has been presented to general public per 1995.

At the wheel the new car «Renault Megane» the driver can feel the full control over a situation. It is possible to carry to the basic advantages of the car: accuracy of management and high parameters of maneuverability, profitability. «Renault Megane» possesses a high degree of comfortableness. Also it is possible to note availability of climatic system, spacious internal salon, ergonomic seats, accessibility of the panel of devices and all necessary equipment, various branches for things and high quality of materials which are used in salon of the car. In the car various systems are established, for example, system of stability «ESP» and system the control over turn of the car – «CSV», also are available pillows of a security.

Developers were possible manage the fine ex-terrier of the new car «Renault Megane», in the best traditions of company «Renault». Designers have developed all necessary details, according to last fashionable tendencies. The body of the car has especial, unique design which does the car recognized. In the car «Renault Megane» are realized various innovative decisions. Transmission of the car differs high workmanship. 

Developers have paid necessary attention to an interior of salon of the car. The salon of the car is executed from qualitative materials; also it is possible to see beauty in all details of internal space.

Before the driver the wide review of a situation on road opens. Also there is a wide range of adjustment of seats of the driver and the forward passenger. In the car the innovative audio system is established. Designers have developed additional channels, for filling salon by fresh air.

Manufacturers establish some models of engines in the car: the engine in volume of 1,6 liters, capacity of 110 horsepower’s and a twisting instant of 145 Nanometers at 4300 turns in a minute; the engine in volume of 2,0 liters, capacity of 143 horsepower’s and a twisting instant of 195 Nanometers at 4000 turns in a minute.

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