Mitsubishi Montero Sport

2012-11-14 18:15:32

The production of Mitsubishi Montero Sport started in Japan in 1996. In 1997 the car was available at the majority of the export markets. It was variously known as Challenger, Pajero Sport in Europe, Montero Sport in North and South America, Nativa in some parts of Central America and in the Middle East. In Great Britain it is known as Shutgun Sport, G-Wagon in Thailand.


Mitsubishi Montero Sport is a real long liver. This car is the universal SUV created on the basis of the L200 of the previous generation. This reliable and unpretentious car can suit to those, who need the all-terrain vehicle for business, not for a show off. The high endurance is provided by the frame design. The great off-road qualities due to the “easy select” transmission step-down next to elaborate geometry and “hybrid” adjustable rear self-block.

This car is characterized by courageous appearance, good behavior on off-road terrain and lower price in comparison with Pajero. The secondary market is full of American cars. But it is more and more restricted by the new Pajero Sport cars which are easy to buy new in Russia.


Cascade of AKP sensors, the sensor of the front axle, sparking plugs, oxygen sensors, idling valve

VERSIONS XLS 4WD maximum complete set includes:

-          Conditioner

-          Separate climate control

-          Cruise control

-          Tachometer

-          Wheel adjustment on height

-          Leather interior steering

-          Radio cassette player or CD player

-          The possibility of folding of the second row sits

-          Luggage hooks

-          Children lock of the back doors

-          Central lock

-          Security system

-          All-wheel drive

-          Anti-blocking brake system

-          Driver Air Bag

-          Front passenger Air Bag

-          Windows electro regulators

-          Remote door opening

-          Fog lights

-          Engine and bottom protection

-          Mudguards

-          Alloy wheels

-          Full-size spare wheel

-          Electric drives of lateral mirrors

-          The tinted and laminated glasses

-          Screen wipers with adjustable frequency


Suspension bracket keeps the road greatly. Good road grip as on the usual sedan. The transfer switch is very soft. Very convenient mechanism of rear sits folding. Those who often carry ski, motor boat and other big things will like it.

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