Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

2013-01-08 03:26:04

Muscle-car. To any person who is interested in cars, this word will tell almost more, than the supercar. This word means many tens models which were issued almost all American car makers from 1965 to 1974. When this word sounds, nobody doubts that it is a question of the sports car of the huge sizes with the engine of improbable volume. These monsters prepared for a drag-racing – and then on a straight line it wasn't equal. But also without it they were much quicker, than it was required to their buyers, – and the most ordinary people because the price a muscle-cars not much more exceeded the prices of other cars bought them. The Chevrolet company too released similar cars the whole concepts. One of such concepts is the line of Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS.

The first car was released in 1970, carried an index 454, it was 5 meters long with the V8 engine of 7,4 l and 360 h.p., equipped 3-speed automatic shift. The oil crisis of the middle of the 70th years of the 20th eyelid affected the capacity of engines of many similar cars, such share and Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS didn't pass and by 1977 its production stopped.

But in 1983-1986 the model with such name, but technical characteristics it strongly was issued conceded to the predecessor and was, rather big car for the city and popularity didn't use.

Production of this car was again restored in 2000 to 2007 where the engine of 3.8 l of V6 till 2005 was used, then was replaced 5.3-l with V8 for 2006–2007. Appearance modern to use the car has a good aerodynamic form, with an unexpectedly big luggage carrier, the low height (1,3 m) and width 1,8 do the car as though pressed into the road. Inside it is very convenient, elegant car which design is issued in sports style, but with elegance which more suits cars of a representative class. The volume of a luggage carrier makes 447 l.

Certainly it on power any more that, the first Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 454, but a legendary name allows this car to be in quite a good demand for the buyers, wishing to touch history a muscle-cars much and who knows, can we still returnto the present of the powerful car of this concept waits.

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