Ford Focus

2013-01-14 12:00:00

The car «Ford Focus» has received the name in honour of conceptual car «Ghia» which for the first time has been shown to public on Geneva Motor Show in 1991. Separate elements of the car «Ford Focus», have been realized at creation of the car «Ford Ka» in 1996 and the car «Ford Cougar» in 1998. Per 2002 developers and designers have brought some essential completions in the car.

«Ford Focus» has a number of the basic advantages: stylish design of an interior and the ex-terrier, high parameters of smoothness of movement and controllability, a wide range of engines, both petrol, and diesel. The car «Ford Focus» ideally approaches people who wish to feel quiet driving, high parameters of a maneuverability and external steering management.

The car has some possible versions of a complete set: «Style», «Studio», «Zetec» and «Titanium». Conditioner does not enter into a complete set of the first level. Buyers in a greater degree will be interested with a complete set «Studio». In it there is all set of necessary options which each driver and passengers requires.

Designers managed to increase internally space of salon and to create a qualitative interior. In the car «Ford Focus» not too big luggage space. The volume of a luggage space makes 1525 liters.

Designers have tried to develop a plenty of engines for the given car. The most innovative engine – «TDCi» (1,6 liters). It is the small, diesel and economic unit which ideally combine high parameters of capacity and high technologies. The following model of the engine represents the unit in volume of 1,8 (capacity of 113 horsepower’s). The manufacturer can establish the engine (2,0 liters) – «TDCi» and capacity of 134 horsepower’s. Designers have developed a special sound-proof material for the car «Ford Focus», for decrease in noise level of the diesel engine. Also on the car petrol engines, by volume 1,4, 1,6, 1,8 liters are established. Also there is a possibility to establish 5 cylinder engines in volume of 2 liters and capacity of 222 horsepower’s. The car «Ford Focus» possesses high high-speed parameters: about 100 kilometers at an o'clock less than for 7 seconds are dispersed.

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