Toyota Corolla S

2013-01-14 12:00:00

The Toyota Corolla S was manufactured by the Japanesse automaker Toyota, which has become very famous in the world, since the 1966 when the nameplate was introduced. Corolla car class belongs to C and this model has made the Guinness record as the bestseller car in the world. The car belongs to line of compact and subcompact cars. The Toyota company has a tradition in naming the cars using the "Crown" as name for primary models, that's why the car was named "corolla". The company has manufactured Corolla's twin, called the Toyota Sprinter. These two cars has always been exclusive in some parts of Japan. Most of Corollas were produced in Japan and in Canada, Brazil, China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan and Venezuela, and previously the production has been made in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The biggest part of produced cars have got the rear-wheel dirve, but a bit later, Toyota started to manufacutre the front-wheel drive analogs. Corolla has got a good engine( 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder, 16-valve with DVVT with intelligence), it produces 132 horsepower @ 6000 rpm, a 5 speed manual transmission and 4-speed Electronically controled transmission with intelligence. The car's emission rating is ultra low, it belongs to ULEV-II(ultra low emission vehicle 2).
     There are 11 generatios of Corolla cars. The first generation was released in October 1966 with the new K pushrod 1100cc engine. After few years, the Toyota has introduce the Corolla Sprinter as the fastback version in November 1968. The third generation had the most productive car changes. In April 1974 the Toyota has presented more bigger, rounder and heavier sprinters and corollas. The range was rounded out with the addition of a two-door liftback.  Every new corolla's generation was different, a lot of cars were restyled witha more rounded body, every new car has got a more powerful engine than a previous generation. The inner and extern design of the car was changing so fast, that some japanese people were saying about Toyota company as the smartest in the world.

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