Mercury Grand Marquis

2013-01-11 02:40:25

The model Grand Marquis of the brand Mercury was leading for the whole list of produced cars. Its distinction happened in 1983, but the nameplate was used since 1975 as Mercury Marquis premium. This vehicle was similar to Ford Crown Victoria, they even had the same Panther platform serving as their design foundation for 32 years. It was also used for Lincoln Town Car. And that’s obvious, because they were products of Ford Motor Company’s division Lincoln-Mercury.
Technically, the Grand Marquis is a full-size rear-drive sedan. Its main manufacture took place at Canadian St. Thomas Assembly Plant, but during 1983-1985 Ford’s facility in St. Louis, Missouri also made these cars. Among all Mercury’s models, this one had the longest history, being produced for 36 years, and the total amount of sold vehicles reached above 1.7 million. Therefore, the Grand Marquis became the most commercially successful model of the brand.
The complete refreshment was implemented to the Mercury Grand Marquis in 1995. Remarkable design updates were applied to both the exterior and interior of the car. The Grand Marquis received a brand new gitter that was more rounded-off in comparison to the previous versions of this model, it was also made so that it fit smoother to the headlights and bumper. Reflector headlights were changed, and a bumper fascia and side plating used the same colour as body, also their chroming was reduced. In the rear, there was another aluminium trunk lid with new tail-lights and the license plate’s position was changed from the bumper to the middle between the tail-lights. And one more small change of the plate was using italics in lettering. Also, the Grand Marquis gained better battery-saving function and the tower-type antenna was replaced with one fixed in the rear window. The car’s saloon was completely reviewed for the sake of ergonomics. The dashboard was a focus point of facelifting, the horizontal speedometer was replaced with round gauges, the similar changes applied to climate controls that switched locations with the radio unit and became rotary. And power seat controls’ location was updated to door panels that provided bigger buttons for the door locks and windows.
This is a definitely great vehicle that can already be attributed to the luxury segment. However, it’s not so expensive, comparing to the cars like Lincoln. It’s targeted for those who can appreciate the balance of prestige, quality and price, incarnating the true American spirit.

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