Nissan Sentra

2013-01-10 06:52:45

Nissan Sentra is the car comfortable that 4 door sedan is, which meets in the auto industry companies in countries like Mexico in the states of Canton, Mississippi. In U.S. sales since 1982, is competing with such giants as Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus.

Just Nissan Sentra changed the economy car and get the car of the new format: the ride that still has 4 doors with the version of the car with two-door bodywork is proposed to infrequent. First Sentra, sold in 1982-1986, completely replaced old Datsun 210 and was the first car sold in the U.S. under the new label Nissan. Nissan first car assembled in the United States, but the Nissan complex meeting took place in Tennessee. The gearbox manual four-speed, gear and set themselves, and the superior version got 35 miles per gallon. Came as a 1986 model for the United States, and then continued surrendering in 1990.

3 Sentra were the model 1991 and held for 1995 years exemplary. Took the form of a vertical, in fact if the conditions of a decent interior space, and its weight and stopping the independent inconsequential provided a sportier look than the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. Third generation Sentra capture most enthusiastic supporters when he added a special role SE-R. Periodically, the newspaper 10 list, the SE-R from 140 horsepower vapors came to the body with two doors and settled intentionally driving the sport and added disc brakes and four-wheel differential overestimated friction as function list standard. The equipment lists the major integrated AM / DE radio and elevation of the window, the automatic belts used to hold a larger share of the modular data of years to please the seat of federal protection claims.

In its own fourth generation Sentra changed the course like Nissan tried to save prices. The interruption of the back radius of twist stopping modified carriage independently in advance and SE-86 in diluted form, the more solid and less flexible than before. SE-R then accepted \ "200SX \" label as Nissan calls the legacy of his own sport.

Fifth Sentra, sold during 2000 and 2006 increased more in the way of the future Sentra most of Altimaprogressed in class midsize sedan. Sentra leave the plant to plant sweet meeting in Mexico of modular configurations, and more. In the latest edition of the most significant sense and scarce; SE-R returned with the largest 4-cylinder engine and 2.5-liter V Speculation newspaper sued to crank out 175 horsepower with steam-6 manual. The updated edition in 2004 predicted a style to see if the new Maxima, with a large grid division.

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