Mercedes-Benz E320

2013-01-12 03:23:42

The car «Mercedes-Benz E320» (model of a body «W211») for the first time has been presented to general public in the beginning of 2002. The body of the car is created on the basis of the previous model «W210». The decision to create the new car of a class «lux» has been connected with the advent of cars of competitors of company «BMW» and the car «Audi A6».


Designers significantly have increased the sizes of the car. It is possible to carry to the basic advantages: unique design of the ex-terrier which is harmonious merge of steel and glass. Manufacturers could reach a maximum level of comfortableness for the driver and passengers, as well as a level of a passive and active security. Thus the car is equipped by the hi-tech, innovative equipment, as well as electronic control systems. To them concern: system «SBC» which operates hydraulic system of brakes. Earlier such system was established only on cars «Mercedes-Benz SL». It is necessary to note, availability in the car of system of regulation of rigidity of transmission.




Company «Mercedes-Benz» has brought significant corrective amendments and in the ex-terrier «Mercedes-Benz E320»: the length of a cowl has been increased, the roof, the inclined back glass is created округлая. The car represents association of sports model and a sedan. It can be noticed, proceeding from a design of optical system, back headlights, bars of a radiator. Thus designers managed to keep all features of details of cars from company «Mercedes-Benz». The car «Mercedes-Benz E320» looks is modern and is elegant.


To designers and designers of the company, it was possible to create a unique interior of the new car. The internal salon of the car very much reminds design decisions of the car «Mercedes-Benz S». It is necessary to note and high quality of materials which were applied at manufacturing salon. Many drivers will remain happy quality of soft plastic, qualitative switches. Thus all details have been reliably fixed by the manufacturer, thus, there are no extra sounds in salon, at movement on not an equal surface. The volume of a luggage space is equal to 540 liters.



The manufacturer establishes the six-cylinder engine in the given model of the car. The volume of the engine makes 3 liters, and capacity – 220 horsepower’s. A twisting instant – 320 Nanometers at 2400-5000 turns in a minute. The maximal speed « Mercedes-Benz E320 » is at a level of 240 kilometers at an o'clock. Dispersal up to 100 kilometers at an o'clock borrows 7 seconds.

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