Volkswagen Golf R

2013-01-10 21:41:12

Volkswagen Golf R was present at the Motor Show, which was in Frankfurt in 2009. The first Golf R generation based on the VW Golf IV, was showed in 2002. Golf R model is the fastest car in whole Golf family. 

The maximum speed is limited nearly 250 km/h and the first hundred km Golf R can achieve just for 5.7 seconds. Golf R equipped with a 2.0-liter FSI type 4 engine, that produces 199 kW (271 hp) and has 350-5000 of torque. Braking distance - 40 km/h, 6 speed manual automatic transmission.

The classic Golf exterior is diffrent from Golf R.The important feature of Golf R is an all-wheel drive Volkswagen 4Motion system.As a real sport car, Volkswagen Golf R has a different strong steering and stiff suspension. VW Golf R "3 door" version is looks more sporting than the "5 door" version. But both cars has identical dimensions.

VW Golf R appearance makes an unforgettable impression: aerodynamic silhouette, elegant lines, 18-inch wheels - all this details are created a unique image of Volkswagen Golf R. Despite the large mass (1466 kg), Volkswagen Golf R is equipped with an excellent control system and dynamics. This car model ensures safe riding for driver even at high speeds.

The basic equipment of Volkswagen Golf R includes front airbags, lot of electronic security systems, climate control, radio, CD, and xenon optics. VW Golf R has a large boot, which can store a lot of luggage. 

The interior of this model is completely comfortable and very quality. Auto is fitted with sports seats upholstered in "Kyalamai" fabric. In additional, possible to order the leather upholstery.  Also offered the package of "Motorsport" options, which includes additional functions in the car cabin: improved lateral support and combined headrests.

VW Golf R is an ideal model as  every day car, driving in the city and around. Comfortable and cozy driver cabin, beautiful and stylish exterior look, and on the whole - total set of high-tech components makes VW Golf R most or desirable car for many potential buyers.

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