Mercury Sable

2013-01-12 03:16:49

The sedan of Mercury Sable became popular since 1986, at this moment started letting out the first generation of model. Mercury Sable V of generation started letting out since 2008. Actually Mercury Sable V of generation differs from other cars of this series - appearance and equipment level. From 2005 Sable began being issued in modifications:

- the front driving version with the power unit which which capacity works by means of the 3,5-liter V6 engine makes 260 h.p.,

The Sable car doesn't differ almost from Taurus, but, it has a high class of finishing and equipment.

Mercury Sable started being issued in 1996, but at that time it had the average size. Since 2008 started releasing the car which the full-size high quality sedan was called, it is created by the Ford Motor company. Important feature of design the Sable is a low capacity of a lamp between forward headlights. It is a basis for Mercury, but in too time this basis was copied by other car makers in the nineties.

Basis of sheet metal and interior redesign was made in 2000, thus it softened design in 1996 model which the Taurus also worried. Insignificance of changes of style in 2004 improved the car. The body of Mercury Sable was issued in two types: sedan and versatile person. Both of these options are equipped with the conditioner, electric window regulators and servo-drivers of mirrors. improved the car.

Roominess of the car besides it is equipped with the smart salon trimmed with light-cream skin. Impresses the size of a luggage carrier of the car. Technical characteristics of Mercury Sable the V-shaped 6-cylinder engine has volume, whether which 3,5 power of 226 h.p. The model has the 4-step machine gun or 5-step mechanics. Most gathered speed the car with an automatic transmission reaches 190 km/h. The Sable car is equipped with new systems of safety, that is the lateral pillows fixed by children's fastened belts, system of manual opening of a luggage carrier from within and the improved system of snap-on belts.

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