BMW 520i

2012-12-26 03:47:46

Debut of the BMW 5 Series was held at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1972, when there were 520 series BMW and BMW a series 520i equipped with 4-cylinder engines with a capacity of 115 hp and 130 hpand also implemented a new model designations: the first number "5" indicates the series, the next two indicate the volume of the engine model.

French designer Paul Marriage created a unique "design language" for all cars BMW 70s. He used a stretched and sleek lines, large windows and low-lying line of the body and some of the original elements - it's double headlights and bending Hofmeister in-pillar, it was performed in a new style and new technology.

When you find yourself in the cabin of the car, once you understand that the car is really cost the money paid for it. The interior is gorgeous. there is a corporate style and the spirit of a fast driving. Almost immediately you start to feel the vehicle size as if it were part of you. This is facilitated by a comfortable seat with multiple adjustments and steering wheelare configured in two planes. After starting the engineand a trip to the car completely convinced of this.

Excellent dynamicscombined with a pleasant singing motor! Controllability can not even mentioning it to the top! What is clear - this is BMW, car for people with the character of the king of the road. The brakes are impressive none the less. The car seems hard by amazing resilience that gives confidence while driving at all speeds. High speed is not felt by excellent sound insulation. Active drivers will be glad in automatic 5-speed Steptronic transmission with manual shift transmissions. With a quiet driving style fuel consumption is 12.5 l/100 km, with the active driving in the "sport" in the automatic transmission - 14.7 l/100 km.

The machine has many advantages. At first it is an attractive appearance. Very stand out headlights in the form of "cat's eye" at night
Second, at the level of interior ergonomics has everything for comfortable long-distance traveland to travel to the country. Salon created qualitatively. No scratches, knocks and noise reduction is very good. When driving it seems that sailing on a boat without a motor. It is also very comfortable and convenient seatsregulated by almost all positions.
Third, the huge trunk. All of the walls is at right angleswithout drops and niches, which allows to calculate the size of the load is able to fit in the trunk. For the convenience of room for long loads to door of a back glass opens provided. It is also very well made place under tools, spare wheel and tow bar.
And fourth, it is manageable. Car with rear wheel drive is pretty confident on road and sharp turns. Dynamics of the car are also excellent and the traffic lights will remain almost all behind and overtaking even at high speeds feel confident the engine is not exposed to high power. So judge for yourself what the machine is just great for young driver with fast drivingand the driver later in life with a measured and calm style of driving.

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