Hyundai Accent

2013-01-09 06:57:40

Hyundai Accent - is the fourth generation car for now days, which is very popular among drivers. Production was started with the Hyundai Accent (X3), in 1995. It replaced the Hyundai Excel, which was popular in many European countries in the late 80's.

Hyundai Accent 2011 has a lot of advantages and technical points. Easily to drive, it has a very "spirited" engine, which allows to drive in town and on country road. Externally Hyundai Accent 2011 is similar to the Sonata model. Accent is equipped with the same lens, side mirrors with integrated LEDs, and has a similar radiator grille. But interior has a new look - materials have become much better and quality, also noise reduction and ergonomics was improved. 

Hyundai Accent exterior is based on a unique design. Flowinglines of the bonnet and elegant form  providing high aerodynamics, and affected positively on the car dynamics. Dark plastic with the texture looks great. Car is maneuverable, even with the heavy workload it is not throwing from side to side and goes smoothly. Windscreen wipers have a heatings, and the basic compectation also provides increased washer fluid tank and mudguards. Auto provide us the connection to the radio via Bluetooth and IPod. 

As for technical specifications - the auto is equipped with two engines - petrol, volume 1,4 l. and capacity of 106 hp, and engine capacity of 1,6 with a capacity of 121 hp. We should  note  the  5-speed automatic transmission and 4 - speed transmission. Accent noise isolation  is much higher than other models. Automatic and mechanic transmissions behave itself perfectly.

Hyundai Accent basic equipment consists of petrol engine capacity of 1, 5 l. with a capacity of 102 hp. Also we should note the energy saving system (batteries), and the power steering. The steering wheel can be adjusted for driver height. 

Hyundai Accent - a great choice for those people who can value a comfortable ride,  stylish ann attractive design. This is a real family car for the city residents.

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