Dodge Neon

2013-01-12 03:14:59

Dodge Neon debuted in 1993. Neon has replaced the previous model Dodge Shadow manufactured since 1986. Car Dodge Neon produced under the brands Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler, and the difference is mainly in the different posters.

Neon applies to cars "Golf class", although its dimensions could even compete with the European classification segment «D». Exterior of the Neon made a mixed impression on people, as not everyone will like the unusual round headlights. Inside interior of the vehicle is spacious. According to the American tradition in the car’s cabin there is a mass of various pockets, holders  and cupholders. Trim materials look not too rich, but in general are fairly efficiently and soundly.

In first for the car, there was only one engine capacity of 2.0 liters with 133 hp or 150 hp. The second 1.8 liter engine with capacity 116 hp appeared only in 1998. Most of the Dodge Neon has an automatic transmission, but there are versions with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Car has an independent suspension rear and front. This is the most auspicious effect on conveniences.

The first generation of Dodge Neon produced until 1999 year after which it was a new model. And second generation of Neon became larger in size and became a more spacious.

Dodge Neon was marked by consumers as an affordable and very comfortable car with a spacious interior.

In 2003 Dodge Neon undergone restyling and got a new look: the new front  & rear bumpers,  new rims & new optics. Also in 2003 there was racing modification Dodge Neon SRT4. Car has a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine & a power of 215 hp.

The range of 2003 Dodge Neon includes a basic version of SE, better SXT, sporty R/T and extreme SRT4.

Offset forward cabin, long wheelbase and wide track provide a very spacious interior and a positive influence on driving characteristics. Seating position is high, which provides a well overview.

Highlighting card reader built into the rear view mirror.  Roominess & convenience  Neon's rear seats  shows the average for its classThe luggage space is large enough to fold in a 60/40 split rear seat, allow the deployment of additional cargo.

In a manual transmission 2003  Neon models changed the gear ratio to improve fuel efficiency on the highway. The automatic transmission for a 2003 model has also changed - a new electronic control unit allows the engine and the automatic transmission to better interact with each other.

Affordable and courageous Dodge Neon laid off after 11 years of life in 2005. The model will give way to its successor - Dodge Caliber.

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