Nissan Armada

2013-01-12 16:27:24

Nissan Armada firstly was named Pathfinder Armada. It is a full-size SUV, manufactured by Nissan Corporation since 2004. Nissan Armada is based on the company's platform Nissan F-Alpha, which is shared with Nissan Titan (pickup), Nissan Xterra (SUV), Nissan Frontier (truck) and Nissan Pathfinder (SUV). Lux version is being sold as a Nissan Armada Infiniti QX56.

Nissan Armada is equipped with VK56DE V8 (eight cylinders arranged in the form of a V) engine of 5.6 liters and 317 horsepower. It is provided with five-step automatic transmission and permanent all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Nissan Armada was designed using all the canons of the American "full-size jeep construction". But the latest fashion trends of the automobile industry were not forgotten. Spar frame strengthens the body of the vehicle. Rear suspension is independent, based on double crossbars. Such innovations in construction of the vehicle helped to achieve high smoothness in driving and perfect controllability.

There are three rows of seats in a seven-seat cabin. And there is enough space left for the second row passengers’ legs.  Nissan Armada seems to be the only car in the class where the space between the front and middle seats is more than a meter. The lever of automatic transmission is located on the center of console. Rear door handles are placed on the door pillar. This tradition arose in 1986 and came from the ancestor of Armada the Nissan Pathfinder.

Nissan Armada was designed for the North American market. Sales were launched in 2004.

In 2008 Nissan Armada was restyled. Officially this model of car is being sold only in North America. But of course, it sooner became very popular in Russia due to its high capacity, passability and good-looking design. According to the manufacturer, Armada can tow a trailer weighing up to four tons. Due to it this car became very popular among sportsmen or just among those, who like to spend free time somewhere outside the city, riding bikes, rafting, skiing or doing the other kinds of sports where heavy equipment is necessary.

According to Consumer Reports Nissan Armada and Infiniti QX56 were considered to be unreliable, primarily due to the problems with the brakes. But in 2008 these problems were solved. After that Nissan Armada gained much more points.

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