Nissan Altima

2013-01-11 05:25:32

The Nissan Altima has a history of almost 20 years with the first model appeared in 1993 and was followed with three more generations last of which appeared in 2013. But first thing first, the best thing about this car is its absolutely stunning comfort level that was appreciated by millions of buyers around the world. It is a family sedan basically, but you can always use it as a business or even a sport car.

So what changed in the recent version? Well, first of all, the absolutely redesigned view of thus car. The exterior is almost unrecognizable but wait until you see the car from the inside, all the features and controls look like the ones from a space ship or something like that. If designers planned to make the new Altima look more upscale they absolutely made it. The engineers also made it slightly better version of the previous Altima, with an updated suspension and steering wheel and higher fuel economy level.

The new version of the Nissan sedan is available in seven! different trim levels, more variety than any competitors car could ever dream of. The standard equipment consists of V6 5 liter four cylinder engine or V6 3.5 liter engine both with capacity of 182 hp. Every version comes with a basic automatic transmission.

The basic features of the interior panes include almost everything any modern driver could look for in a car. Air-conditioning system with renewed climate control option, external temperature display, trip computer with the fuel level warning, remote trunk release, door and mirror controls, audio system with four speakers, four-season tires and so much more.

The safety options are also at their best, you get the 4-wheel ABS system, remote anti-theft alarm system, rear doors safety locks in case you have children in the car, front and rear airbags and engine immobilizer and many other boring but very useful safety features that will keep you and all of your family members alive in case of an accident. All that makes the Nissan Altima the best family car that is available on the market today.

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