Lincoln Continental

2013-01-04 03:03:33

Lincoln Continental debuted in 1940’s and was immediately available in two versions – coupe or cabriolet. Its production started because of the unceasing buzz around Edsel Ford’s car, the same Continental that was an only version of this car back in 1930. During the World War II its production was stopped but renewed somewhere around late 50-s. The redesigning of this car resulted in nine generations last of which appeared in 1995.


The most recent Lincoln Continental is a really gorgeous car to look at but even more amazing one to ride. It is equipped with a 4.6-liter V8 engine that has up to 260 hp. Acceleration is a gift and driving experience transforms into a real pleasure. The car has a four-speed automatic transmission that can be completed with optional air-spring suspension. The thing about these air springs is that they tend to wear out pretty quickly so you’d need to pay some extra attention to them while having your Lincoln inspected.

With the great name and special history this car has you could expect it to be a really comfortable vehicle and that it is. Lincoln Continental is even more than comfortable, it’s high-level-comfortable completed with the most luxury and style a car could ever have. It has a keyless entry, leather salon with heated seats, pretty awesome control panel equipped with all kinds of accessories you could only dream about back in 1995. It even has an AM/FM/CD audio system and air-conditioning system with climate control option.

Exterior design was slightly modified during the last years of production. In 1998 for example the lines were made more smooth and graceful, the grille was replaced by a new one, and the headlights got the look they have today. 2002 added some more interior features, such as hands-free cell communication, basic airbags and even child seat brackets.

With all the features this car has the most impressive point of it always was its strong acceleration and general level of performance. When you ride a Lincoln Continental you feel like a king of the road and quite frankly you are one.

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