Audi A6

2013-01-10 20:00:00

The initial model of the car «Audi A6» is «Audi 100» (is issued since 1968). The first debut of the car «Audi A6» took place in 1994 and since then the given model number refers to «A6».

The car differs high parameters of functionality of technical systems and unique design of the ex-terrier and an interior. Innovations speak all about high professionalism of experts of company «Audi». The body of the car is executed from aluminum that betrays to the car high characteristics of a maneuverability and controllability on road. Manufacturers have established in «Audi A6» huge quantity of innovative, intellectual systems which significantly have raised traffic safety. «Audi A6» shows all solidity and is the best model in the class.

Designers and developers were possible manage the amazing ex-terrier of the car. The car is capable to surprise each owner, the easy lines and elegant forms. Designers have worked at creation of a new bar of a radiator – «single frame». On a bar black horizontal rods which display character of the car have been established. The buyer can order innovative, light-emitting diode optical system which emphasizes unique design of the car at the desire.

Special the attention deserves an interior «Audi A6». Each passenger and the driver can feel comfort. Designers managed to create spacious salon of the car and unique details of an interior. Inside of the car comfortable seats, with a possibility of set of adjustments are located, functions of massage and ventilation are available, as well as inserts from a natural tree are executed. In salon there is a plenty of various branches for fine things. Volume of a luggage space – 530 liters. By means of the touch panel «MMI touch» the driver can operate navigating system.

In new the car «Audi A6» it is possible to establish some models of engines: engine «TFSI» in volume of 3,0 liters and capacity of 300 horsepower’s, engine «FSI» in volume of 2,8 liters and capacity of 204 horsepower’s. On engines the automatic box of switching of transfers – «S tronic®» is established.

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