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The BMW X3 is a luxury compact crossover. The first generation brought popularity and the popularity this model, but the BMW company didn't stop on reached and let out the second generation of this car. The company at all didn't begin to wait in 2010 of the Parisian auto show where BMW X3 debut had to take place, and at once put this car on the market.

BMW X3 of the second generation was constructed with style of the car of the first generation, only it became a little more by the sizes, and the road gleam and wheelbase increased by 12 mm and 15 mm.

The appearance of the car makes a good impression, "Working over new BMW X3, I sought to reach the most expressive combination of light and shade which would fill a form and the solution of its surface with the unique spirit of a series X — courageous, impudent, innovative". Eric Goplen, designer of a body of BMW X3.The scope — this word occurs at once at acquaintance to the BMW X3 salon. This impression develops thanks to high landing and a much volume of free space for feet, the head, and at the level of the shoulders. The lines of the dashboard parallel to the horizon, direct a look afar.Vertical lines across the dashboard and pay attention to excellently organized driver's place. Each detail is executed faultlessly from materials of the highest quality with the ideal choice of flowers. All this develops in one clear thought: sitting here, it isn't terrible to go anywhere.

The BMW X3 is issued with two types of the engines, one of them diesel V4 of 2 l and 184 h.p., with it is used 6 high-speed stick shift, these limits give the most speed of 210 km/h, fuel consumption in the mixed cycle of 7,9 l, dispersal to 100 km/h happens for 8,3 Sec.The petrol V6 engine has the volume of 3 l, the power of 250 h.p., with it is used 8 high-speed automatic shift with the possibility of manual switching of speeds. This engine allows to gather the speed of 245 km/h, the cost in the mixed cycle of fuel makes 8,8 l on 100 km, to the same 100 km/h it is possible to disperse in 6,2 seconds.

About advantages of the car tells one of advertising expressions of this BMW company - "Take with itself not only that have to take. Take that you want. BMW X3 is capable to contain your style and your way of life."

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