Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

2013-01-10 09:08:23

The Jeep company started releasing comfortable SUVs in 1963 — then there was a Wagoneer model which it is possible to call the predecessor of the Grand Cherokee. On the Jeep Wagoneer car put various engines, including the 150 h.p. petrol V8. It at that time sufficed to recognize Wagoneer as the fastest serial SUV. In 1984 of Jeep Wagoneer renamed into Grand Wagoneer, and in 1992 on light there was a new SUV. It was called already as the Grand Cherokee. In 1996 and 2004 there were second and third generations of Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

After that development of this model went on several series one of which began to be called as Grand Cherokee Laredo. This car can be learned on black bumpers, existence of the ordinary conditioner and most often lack of leather finishing ofthe salon. Such car in 90% of cases has the 4,0 l 6-cylinder engine which gives out 190 h.p. The main thing for these engines — oil. It has to be always fresh. It would seem, the elementary recommendation, however in the USA drivers not always follow similar advice. As a result canals is filled with deposits that leads to a lack of oil and an elevated pressure of system of ventilation of quarterly gases. Another 10% is a diesel engine, but it meets very seldom therefore we will simply say that it was made by the Italian firm "VM-Motori" of 3,1 l, 140 h.p. 

The transmission on Grand Cherokee can be only automatic shift, and three different types. Together with the 4-liter petrol motor and the Italian diesel there is older on the design 4-speed automatic shift. 4,7-liter cars have already automatic shift with five steps, and here the 2,7-liter diesel is equipped 5-step automatic shift development of "Mercedes-Benz". The last AKP is considered the most reliable, It is necessary to be attentive when replacing oil, this procedure it is necessary to carry out each 50 000 km. 

Cars in Laredo complete set usually have transmission under the name Quadra-Trac II (NV247). Such car on asphalt has the drive on a back axis, and forward wheels are connected to work only at pro-slipping. Besides, Quadra-Trac-II has a low gear.

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